Frozen Dessert Carts

Cart Manual for set up, operation and maintenance 

Permitting Process package, print & sumbmit with your plans for California venduing permits

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scooping cartsAll of our frozen dessert carts start with a refrigerated cabinet optimized for ice cream and manufactured in Oak Harbor, Ohio.  We never use a cheap bunker freezer and then try to modify it for the specialized use outdoors in high ambient temperatures. Chance are, if you buy ice cream or a frozen dessert treat at an outdoor venue, you are buying products from genuine, certified-cool C. Nelson ice cream cart. Our carts are located in the most demanding outdoor locations where our operators demand ice-cream-cold temperatures.  At most any major amusement park or outdoor sports arena, whether Yankee Stadium or Disney World in Orlando, demanding operators use Nelson ice cream carts to provide the reliability and performance that ice cream operators demand.

One important difference, among many, between a Nelson ice cream cart made with Nelson ice cream freezers is that the interior bottoms of all of our carts are made of stainless steel, not aluminum or painted steel.  You can count on many years of use from our frozen dessert carts without concern for corrosion or damage to the interior of the carts.

We are proud to supply on all of our pushcarts the best wheels in the business.  The pushcart wheels we use are a high content of natural rubber.  Natural rubber is soft and resilient, and naturally resistant to the UV waves from sunlight, which make cheaper vinyl and plastic wheels brittle and hard.  These pushcart wheels hold up to the most demanding use, even when the cart is full of heavy product, like water ices and Italian ice.  These wheels are standard, not an upgrade as with other cart manufacturers. 

NUMBER 1 SELLER Model BDC8All of our pushcarts are listed for both safety and sanitation for outdoor use and for the appopriate intended use, whether it be a cart for scooping ice cream or gelato or Italian ices or soft frozen lemonade. Many of our competitors who use a cheap store freezer for their carts will state that their freezer is NSF and UL/ETL listed.  While that may be true, it does not mean that the cart they produce meets the standards of UL/ETL or NSF for a finished product and is suitable for the intended end use, which is often outdoors. You can see our listiings for safety and sanitation from the links below. Having this information available when you visit the local health department can ease the headaches of getting local health permits for your carts.



While every County in each State of the US has a different set of regulations for mobile food vending, Nelson produces an ice cream cart that will fill their requirements. Our pushcart and scooping cart and drawings are listed in this section with the nomeclature below, please refer the the proper size and then the following legend:

CE  Solid Flip Lids
DIPCE  Visual Type Lift Lid
-00  Simple Cart
-01  w/Extension
-02  w/Dipperwell System
-03  w/Sink System
-04  w/SInk & Dipperwell
-05  w/Triple Bowl Sink
-06  w/Triple Bowl and Dipwell 
-07  w/Hand Wash & Utensil Washing Sinks


 No Cold Plates but has refrigeration system
ICE  No Refrigeration, Uses Dry Ice
CAN  Overhead Optional Canopy