Canopies & Graphics

thatching for a tiki hut look, for an additional chargeThe main purpose of the overhead canopy is to announce your presence in whatever venue you are selling your products.  And the types and styles of canopies are limited only by one's imagination. For your ice cream cart, pretzel cart, beer cart, or any outdoor pushcart, the overhead canopy can be a very cost-effective way of advertising your products. 

We have included some basic designs and concepts, along with the specifications and drawings. Standard with our canopies are spring-assist support poles, a light & outlet and a pull-out shade for the operator.  The canopies break down without tools and can be effortlessly raised and lower for set-up. With the canopy lowered, or in the down position, the cart will fit through a man door.

doem canopy-standardCustom Graphics are another way to advertise your product. When you choose to upgrade your cart and canopy with graphics, you have options.  Any option will require that you produce a design, a logo, that represents you and your product.

A graphics artist can help you design your image and produce the proper files for printing.

Your local sign maker can print vinyl decals and apply them to your cart after you take delivery. Alternately you can provide print-ready files to Nelson so we can print and install them at the factory before shipping your cart to you complete.


The print process used by Nelson is tried and true. We print second surface onto the lexan cart and canopy panels with an expensive high tech print machine then backed up for protection on the inside. This process, although more costly than vinyl decals, promises vibrant, durable, full color graphics protected from fading and scratching.

See panel blow outs and dimension for all nelson cart models, here.