Cold Plate Novelty Pushcarts

SPECIFICATIONS: Download BDC8 spec sheet,

see the DRAWINGS tab. Individual sheets are listed there for all models.

All Nelson cold plate pushcarts are manufactured with stainless steel bottoms and have built-in cold plates for maximum efficiency and quick freezing for an overnight charge.  

Nelson cold plate pushcarts have an average of 3" of poured insulation and oversized compressors and are capable of operating at the specified temperature in 90 degree weather. 

The tops on the Nelson cold plate ice cream carts are made of stainless steel with welded corners.  

All electrically operated Nelson carts will be ETL or UL listed for outdoor use.

All Nelson pushcarts will be NSF listed for the appropriate use. 

All Nelson ice cream pushcarts have oversized electrical power cords suitable for outdoor use.

Lid locks and umbrella brackets are provided on all ice cream carts as standard equipment.

All Nelson ice cream carts have heavy-duty welded aluminum base frames for maximum strength and minimum weight.

Nelson carts are standard for ice cream novelty temperatures.  Alternate uses, such as carts for Italian ice, water ice, other products can be specified at time of order for other temperatures. Manual temperature controllers are standard, an upcharge is added for digital thermostats.

Standard sizes of cold plate ice cream carts listed below.

Model BDC8 Ice Cream Push Cart

* Capacity 8.5 cu.ft.
* Approx 850 Novelties or (6) 3-gal cans top +(4) lower storage, 10 ice cream tubs total.
* Cold Plates Standard
* 1/3 h.p. compressor
* R404a refrigerant
* 115 volts, 6 amps

Model BDC8S Ice Cream Push Cart

* Capacity 10 cu.ft.
* Approx 1000 novelties
* Cold Plates Standard
* 1/3 h.p. Compressor
* R404a refrigerant
* 115 v., 6 amps