Italian Ice Carts

ital ice cartItalian ice covers a broad range of products and serving temperatures. Some refer to their products as "water ice", some as soft frozen lemonade.  Regardless of the name, ices are generally a product that is best served at temperatures warmer than temperatures used to serve ice cream.   With the exclusive Nelson Digital Thermostat, you can set your cart for exactly the temperature you want. 

Our Italian ice carts start with a refrigerated cabinet manufactured in Oak Harbor, Ohio. We never use a cheap bunker freezer and then try to modify it for the specialized use outdoors in high ambient Italian Ice Scooping carttemperatures.

Many of our competitors who use a cheap store freezer for their carts will state that their freezer is NSF and UL/ETL listed. While that may be true, it does not mean that the Italian ice carts they produce meets the standards of UL/ETL or NSF for a finished product that is suitable for the intended end use, often outdoors.

rita's mobile cart programAll of our Italian ice carts are manufactured 100% in the USA and feature our own freezers with stainless steel bottoms on the interiors of the carts.  When you have the inevitable accident of having melted product, particularly with frozen ices and other products that have citric acids, you won't worry about corrosion in your carts.  They are built to last. 

Our Italian ice carts are listed for both safety and sanitation for outdoor use. 

You can see our listings here

NSF/ANSI STANDARD 59 Mobile Food Carts 

ital ice scoopingNSF/ANSI STANDARD 7 Commercial Refrigerators and Storage Freezers

Having this information when you visit the local health department, along with the detailed specifications and drawings included in this website,  can ease the headaches of getting local health permits for your carts.