Carts-Electric & No Refrigeration

The Best Value with the Features You Need! Take Your Products to the People with these ice cream pushcarts designed to HEAT UP Your Sales!

While these carts are used primarily for selling ice cream novelites, many people will use these carts to scoop ice cream, serve frozen lemonade, water ice, gelato,  or Italian ice.  These pushcarts can be built many ways.

 Whether these carts are built and configured as ice cream carts or Italian ice carts, or water ice carts, you can be sure you are getting a quality piece of equipment made in the USA.  We do not start with a cheap store freezer and try to modify for outdoor use.  We build our own.  And nobody produces more varieties and sizes of ice cream carts than  Nelson does.

 CLT LineThis section contains the most economical carts we make.

1.  These carts can be built with refrigeration systems only.

2.  Simplest and least expensive, these carts can be built as insulated units only, with you providing dry ice or some other means of cooling, such as our re-useable cold packs.

3.  Nelson makes more sizes and styles of ice cream carts than any other supplier.  We do not simply modify store cabinets; all of our carts cabinets are built from the ground up to provide the extra performance you need in the vending business.

Digital temperature controls allow for any temperature setting for the pushcarts that have a refrigeration system built into them.