Save the Planet. Drink More Draft Beer

Dear Beer Lover,

Ok, maybe I exaggerate and simply drinking more draft beer may not save the planet.

But at least we can give more people the opportunity to avoid the indignity of drinking

beer in cans.

The Drawbox is a great way to easily dispense draft beer that can improve your profits

at any kind of outdoor event, especially areas where getting an electrical connection

is difficult.

The Drawbox is great for:

Special events

Setting up a portable bar on an outdoor patio

A party rental animal that is easy to transport

Trade shows

What is so nice about the Drawbox is that it requires NO ELECTRICITY. No Friday

afternoon hassles that “the compressor doesn't work” or the “extension cord

isn't long enough” or “ we must have blown a circuit breaker” or the other 100

hassles when you need to provide electricity to the out-of-the-way locations

Just ice down the built-in cold plate, throw some ice in the bottom of the Drawbox, and

you are set to go in about 15 minutes, even if your keg isn't completely chilled.

Draft beer eliminates the headaches of returns or disposal of bottles and cans. And

that is good for the planet!!!