In Store Dipping Cabinets

Nelson offers the most complete line of dipping cabinets for store operators, whether you are serving ice cream, gelato, Italian ices, water ices, or soft frozen lemonade.

VISUAL DIPPERS All Nelson dipping cabinets, whether flip-lid conventional ice cream dipping cabinets, back bar flavor-rail cabinets, or visual display dipping cabinets, feature our exclusive digital temperature control.  Regardless of the temperature of your particular product, you can set the operating temperature 1 degree at a time, with precision and repeatability not available on any other manufacturer's ice cream cabinets. 

 We offer our cabinets in a variety of configurations- stainless steel interior and/or exteriors, special sizes, custom can skirts for the various types of containers used by the ice cream, Italian ice, gelato, and other frozen dessert producers.

conventional chest type reach inAlso, all of our dipping cabinets can be made with raised-bottom or flat-bottom interiors.  Let's face it, many of you, like me, are getting old and lazy and don't want to reach into the bottom of an ice cream freezer.  You use milk crates, empty containers, whatever, and really only use the top layer of product.  So we will make our dipping freezers without the deep step.  So you don't have to clean it, or pay the energy cost of refrigerating a space you just never use.

Have a special product or a special packaging method??  Let us know, and we'll try to configure an ice cream cabinet to meet your needs. NELSON, the Best Deal in ice cream cabinets online.