Visual Dipping Cabinets

NEW! take a virtual tour of the new curved glass cabinet

n16dipOur newly redesigned ice cream dipping cabinets feature extra insulation and exclusive digital temperature controls.  The extra insulation will lower your operating cost. We admit, it's a small amount, but we are always looking for ways to help you squeeze even a dollar out of your operating costs. Our exclusive digital thermostat lets you set, a degree at a time, the precise operating temperature for your particular product, whether you are service ice cream, gelato, Italian ices, or any other frozen dessert. optional black exterior

Now Nelson offers a complete line of visual dipping cabinets from 4 to 16 facings, with a clean line, nearly unbreakable lift lids and complete with optional can racking systems. Our can racking system is designed for  the standard 3 gallon round cardboard tub; however, the side rails can be purchased seperately for use with the Ropak tubs and can skirts. 

All equipment shipped standard with Nelson's exceptional quality. You have enough to worry about whan you're running a business. When you buy a Nelson, your equipment isn't one of them.

curved glass hi visability