Recession Model Carts


We've lightened the weight of this line of pushcarts and eased the economic strain of buying new carts.

We want to re-introduce you to a new ice cream cart we are making this year.  This cart is about the same capacity as the BDC-8 cart, but is much lighter (at just over 200 lbs) and is not built with cold plates like the BDC-8.

It is extremely well insulated and would work well for events and locations where power is available.  The cart will hold temperature for 2-3 hours while transporting, no problem.  In addition, it has a digital temp control which allows easy setting of any temperature and also works as a "power-on" indicator.

These carts would also work well for smaller catering events or as rental units for ice cream parties.  Because of their extreme light weight, they are easy to load/unload onto pickup and into vans.  

But there is nothing light-duty or cheap about the construction.  These carts are very well insulated.   We use the same rugged aluminum frame, same soft rubber wheels,  and the same oversized refrigeration system as the BDC-8, easily holding -20 temperatures in 90 degree weather.

These carts are also available in a dry ice version with no refigeration.

Give Tammy or Kelley a call to discuss these new carts, and our special introductory pricing. 

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