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Every Cloud has a Stainless Lining

OK, so everyone’s talking gloom and doom in reference to the economy but lets put it aside. A new year with a bad economy is a perfect opportunity to get back to basics. Remember Sunday dinner after church at Gram’s house with all the uncles and cousins. You ate a big meal and went out to the back hill sledding until your toes felt like they were falling off. She had hot cocoa and pie ready when you came in. In the summer, you ran through the sprinkler or laid in the cool grass and counted the stars. Birthday presents were scarce but the fun wasn’t. All school functions were a big deal and if your grandpa had a movie camera you were rich. The TV played Lawrence Welk or football. Take joy in the laughter of your friends and family as you play a fun game together at home instead of a going out. Forgo the expense of a company gathering by having a pot-luck picnic someplace where you can gather and relax. Begin the new year with a different kind of resolution. Resolve to make it better. Try being greener or less wasteful, recycle if you don’t already, spend time with the kids and the old folks. Make this a good year!

strawsFEATURE PRODUCT: Straws by M.

Margaret produces straws in the US. Her line includes a rainbow of colors including custom colors and sizes up to 24”.  I especially like her bio-degradable straw line. Her production method features a clean cold water bath after the straw extrusion process. Her straws won’t make you sick. Check it out at www.strawsbym.com.


Success Takes Horsepower

Announcing Nelson’s new line-up of condensing units with smaller footprints and better performance. As a distributor in the US, we now offer replacement units and parts for 1/5 h.p. sizes to big 1/2 horsepower refrigeration condensing units at prices that will keep you cool. Our new line using Danfoss compressors are used in most of our newly manufactured ice cream and refrigeration equipment with less than .01% failure rates. Even those failures are covered by our standard or extended warranties. For your older equipment, this new line means you have an alternative source for replacement parts from a trusted, tested supplier while successfully reducing costly equipment maintenance and repair expenses. Call for details!

A letter from the e-ditor, By Tammy Almendinger

I know the meaning of ’It’s a small world’. I take joy in the pleasures of random acquaintances. I ponder the wonder of  striking a conversation with a random stranger on the stool next to you only to find you have some unique common interest. It happens all the time. Is it karma, the moon, a chance? I don’t now what it is, but I do know it is eerie. I sat down to watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry and started a conversation with the couple next to us. It turns out they travel the country hunting gems. Most of you might remember from earlier articles that I love to hunt sea glass. While doing so, I found a rock with a lovely vein of aquamarine and I need the tools to saw the rock open. Guess what? I found them and some interesting new friends. The NICRA convention gave me a wonderful chance to meet Steve Wiesner from Presque Isle. Look for a great new place to stop in upsate New York for ice cream called Stevie Wiesie’s. We brainstormed some ideas for his store on a bar napkin late the last night of the show. Turns out he has a great spot for beach glass; in fact, a girl he went to school with is  the owner of my favorite online reference for beach glass products and info www.relish.com and my idol. Jamie Hanson, Artisan Ice Cream in the San Fran area, wears my favorite Anthropologie style clothing and has a great business plan for upscale home made organic designer flavors to vend from her grown-up, classy ice cream truck. Both being first times, we met early, hit it off, sat at meals together, ran into each other at every turn and became instant friends. Guess what...I had some info she needed for her plan. Small world, big wonder. 


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