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If you could name the state of the economy like an ice cream flavor, Rocky Road would be a good choice. Some of the largest companies in the world have closed, even some of the largest companies in the ice cream industry are struggling. We’re fortunate at Nelson Manufacturing to be managed in a sound financial fashion. We are here, stronger than ever, introducing new lines and expanded lines, new and improved features along with greener materials, less paper and other eco friendly practices. Nelson, over 110 years a manufactory, not the biggest but one of the strongest. You still have the advantage in the bottom of the ninth to defend your commitment to deliver a good product, on time. Make the game winning catch and build your team strength, sign Nelson. 


As American as Baseball 

Nelson’s expansion of our visual dipping line to include 12 and 16 hole ice cream cabinets in only the beginning. Look for  the curved glass versions to come. All dipping cabinets are standard with front breathing compressors, digital thermostats and stainless steel gaskets. Accessories include can racking systems for conventional 3 gal cans or gelato pans. Our gelato pan option makes gelato sales affordable with a simple  display as American as baseball. Click Visual Dipping Cabinets for more information.

It’s A New Ball Game. Let’s Play Editorial by Tammy Almendinger  

 Many of you know me. I have shaken your hand, shared an adult beverage or perhaps only spoken on the phone. Most of you know Kelley Smith, the team owner. Only few have you have met the team. I want to introduce you. We have 230 years experience in the factory between 29 men and 2 women. We’re warming up for the game, putting in place a few key players. George Dunlap joined us as an outside Sales Agent. George brings 30 years of ice cream industry experience with him. I bet you know him. Dave Agee is our new Operations Manager and oversees all from the point George & I close the deal to the time it ships, on time. We also recruited Fonzi, Jim Fonz for his experience in production supervising. Along with the years of experience our seniors play in engineering, welding, assembly, finishing, QC, sales and service, the new recruits and the old players are poised for the all star game and perhaps the world series. Take a new look at us. Nelson, All Over the World.

Quote from Field of Dreams Kevin Kostner “If you build it, they will come”.  strength

Nelson’s interpretation, “If we build it, they will buy” JR Byers, #1 Welder, Company Clown, Editorial Contributor, 11 years seniority.

Fall ‘09 Game Schedule:

IAICDV 40th Annual Convention

“Staying Alive” Phoenix, AZ Nov. 2-5,

NICRA 76 the Annual Meeting

Scottsdale, AZ. Nov. 4-7, 2009  

NELSON: Working to be the strongest in the Industry.

Snow Cone Catch
surpriseMake a great catch! And don’t look so surprised. Sign Nelson to your starting ice cream equipment roster.



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