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C. Nelson Mfg
Genuine Nelson...Certified Cool
Volume 1, Issue 11, Nov. 08
A New “Off” Season
We have entered a new season. A four day, ten hour per day workweek has been implemented in the Nelson factory. The economy’s unrest triggered a change in our management’s view of ‘off season’ production practices.  They set in place a longer day, shorter week saving 20% of employees’ automobile fuel consumption right off the top. When the factory doesn’t power up all the compressors, air tools, heat and lights, it saves the bottom line of the balance sheet a few bucks, too. The office is still operating on a Monday through Friday schedule to serve you, but we’ve noticed that a lot of our suppliers are implementing the same sort of cost-cutting practices. Enjoy those three day weekends boys; Spring will bring ice cream season back and we’ll return to seven ten hour days quicker than you know (we hope).
Our New & Improved Website is LIVE!
Business has changed at an increasing speed in the last 10 years with the introduction of the world wide web. Check out our new website www.cnelson.com for lots of information at your fingertips. We’ve uploaded drawings and photos for our complete line of standard equipment and carts, price lists, parts and service info. You will have access to our special sale items and scratch ‘n dent section along with previous newsletter issues and industry publications. Read our history, our goals and our interesting facts, too. Although there’s a lot out there, we still have much to do. Slowly we’ll fill the empty pages. Let us know what you think or what we’re missing. Submit your favorite photos of Nelson equipment in your venue for our on-line cart photo gallery.
Here’s the Scoop
November takes us out of the office for annual industry conventions and trade shows. Visit us at the following events:
NICRA 75th Annual Convention in St. Petersburg, FL. Booth #48, Nov.12-15th, 2008
IAICV Annual Convention, Nov. 12-15th, ChampionsGate, FL.
Letter from the Editor by Tammy Almendinger
Oh how I love the seasons in Ohio. The fall colors are at their peak and there’s a crispness in the air. Change is good, even in the northwest, if you can find a way to get through February. Change (noun-1.alteration, variation, or modification, or the result of this 2.an exchange, substitution, or replacement of something or somebody) is history. History makes a mark on us every day without notice. The older I get, the more I notice. Change is in the wind with respect to the Presidential election. Either way it goes history is being made. Take a minute and consider the impact of the world wide web in world history. Look at the way it has revolutionized the way we do business and manage our lives. I can hardly remember what we did without the internet. Change is happening in the economy. The economic instability is altering business practices, the direction in which we evolve, the benefits we can offer, the lean manufacturing practices, recycling, energy consumption...everything. And like the world wide web, the US economy’s woes reach almost every corner of the whole world. Note: it really is a small world. Change isn’t always good, but it’ll always be there. The good news is, from everything bad some good will come. Our industrious minds will develop alternative ways, igniting perhaps an invention as profound as air conditioning or Google.
On the drawing board for 2009
· An expanded line of visual dipping cabinets...BD12DIP & BD16DIP
· Better, brighter interior lighting in visual dippers
· Baskets in our cold plate freezer and carts
· Lighter and smaller vending options

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