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acornNelson Serves Up Another Great Cabinet
Our Buffet style dipping cabinet, complete with a running dipper well is perfect for placement in cafeteria lines at universities, school, institutions and restaurants for self-service sundaes. Made in 4, 6 and 8 tub capacities these carts include an adjustable sneeze guard, digital thermostat and are offered in a single use or double sided version.

Let's Make A Dealer
The role of the Dealer is changing. The whole world changed with the permeation of the world wide web, but the equipment dealer now competes with online non-stocking distribution sites. The consumer can get anything he needs and he'll buy the best of each model, from several sellers. His decision to buy doesn't rest with convenience. The internet IS convenient to this style shopper. A dealer doesn't need a line that has everything when everything can be had. The dealer will make his money by offering the best of everything in a package perfect for that particular consumer, because a dealer can offer so much more before and after the sale. Build on that, no pun intended. Store design isn't something you find online. it takes face to face interaction and meeting of the minds. It's time and talent a dealer can offer, for a price. And after the sale, it's service. Behind you, the dealer and curtain #1, is Nelson

Employee Spotlight
Ron Hines has been working for C. Nelson since 1998, although we consider his tenure to include time worked for the Smith family in another manufacturing plant for 10 years before. Ron and his bride, Susan have 2 daughters. Being the number 1# CNC punch operator brings a lot of responsibility to keep the plant running at capacity with parts in front of everyone. Ron enjoys hunting and is an expert bow hunter. When the first smell of fall is in the air his thoughts turn to deer season. "I love the fall, that means it's season. I can fall treetell I'm getting older when I'd rather sit in the tree and watch instead of shooting them."

"As a business person, you have a lot if issues to worry about, but when you buy Nelson, your equipment won't be one of them." Neil Williams

Editorial by Tammy Almendinger

Brown is the new black, as they say in the fashion industry. I'm not one for following fashion. At my age I wear clothes that I like and don't care what others think. I like to display my artistic side, although a trade show calls for my logo shirt and khakis. Growing up in the Midwest, I was raised not to wear white (pants, shoes, belts) after labor day. I fight it until the first day of autumn. Then, it's not the rule but the feel. It's difficult to drive by the maize fields of soybeans and the purple larkspur in white jeans. I want to fit into the surroundings. The leaves turn fiery orange and blood red and it's awkward to wear hot pink. I will, when Indian summer comes, wear those white jeans with my favorite orange cashmere sweater, though, just because I can. When I put on new brown pants this am and asked Dan how I looked, "nice...are those brown?" he asked. I felt yucky. Brown, how boring. "No", I replied, "chocolate".

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NICRA 76th Annual Convention 11/4-11/7


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