Freight Quotes and Concierge Services

Easily calculate your shipping cost  with this quick link and the following instructions;

Cabinets and carts are shipped by common truck carriers on semi trailers. Every commodity in the motor freight transportation industry (from ingots to widgets) is classified using a standard NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) Code. Each level is priced according to that class. Most of Nelsons refrigeration carts and equipment is shipped under class 92.5. The freight rate is also determined by the weight and the distance of the shipment.

A commercial to commercial delivery is the best option. A commercial location will have access for a tractor trailer to enter, turn, make the delivery, etc. The commercial location should ideally have a fork lift truck or a freight dock at the site. A lift gate service is available in most areas for a fee. Lift gate is a service where the carrier brings your shipment on a truck with a tailgate that lowers your freight to the ground level. If you elect a residential shipment, there will be a delay in the delivery until the carrier can contact you and make arrangements.

The carriers job is finished when he gets to your location. It is not his responsibility to unload the freight or to move the freight inside. In some places indoor deliveries are available for an extra charge, but the only move the equipment in the door, not into place.

It is the receiver’s responsibility to inspect the shipment before signing for it. If there cosmetic damage such as a ding or dent, note it on the delivery receipt when you sign for the freight. If it is noted and cosmetic only, we will file a claim for small damage and forward the discount to the receiver. Do not accept freight that is heavily damaged, refuse the shipment. In this case, the carrier will return it to the shipper. We will repair or replace and file a claim with the transportation company. If you accept damaged freight, there is no re-course for either party.

When the carrier lowers a crated cart to the pavement using a lift gate, Its easy to break away the wood crating with a crowbar and simply push your new cart indoors.

The following link will take you to our preferred freight carriers website where you can estimate the transportation cost of your Nelson equipment.

You will need: 

1) our factory location zip code as the origin 43449 

2) your destination zip code

3) the NMFC Class of 92.5 

4) and the weight of your shipment, found on the price list for most products

*The rate program allows you to choose residential  (for an added fee) 

*and lift gate service when needed.  

As a special bonus to our customers, we can discount your quote by 25%, just ask.  

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