Freight Quotes and Concierge Services


C. Nelson Offers Concierge Service            

While it may cost a little more, the extra service is worth its weight in gold. I liken the purchase of a bright shiny white Nelson 16DIP-HV ice cream cabinet with curved low glass to a buying a new sofa…I wouldn’t let my husband carry it in from the driveway where a semi drops it off. Considering more than his bad back and allergic reactions to hard work, I also take into account my walls, windows, door frame, stairway and other furniture. The same applies for your ice cream store. While the factory can ship the freezers on trucks with lift gate service, that doesn’t get your shiny new ice cream cabinet into its place.  And some of the larger cabinets may be too large for lift gate services.   Our Concierge Services range from the simple uncrating and in-store placement of the new ice cream dipping cabinets - to the removal of your old equipment for recycling or disposal - to the in-store check out of the equipment under power (to insure no hidden shipping damages that can cause performance problems).The white glove team can insure the satisfactory installation and performance of you new ice cream cabinet.  All services will be quoted upon request. Nelson works with your local equipment dealers who offer these services as a complete package. With the increased number of purchase transactions over the internet, we’ve seen an corresponding increase in the need for such services and we are now pleased to have it in place.


List of Available Services; 

1.  In- Store delivery-  Delivery crew will bring the cabinet into your store.  You are responsible for uncrating and putting cabinet in proper location and powering the unit.

2.  In-Store delivery, uncrating, removal of debris, and put into place.

3.  In-Store delivery, uncrating, removal of debris, put in place, apply power and confirm ice cream cabinet reaches proper temperature and all lighting and other accessories are in good working order.

4.  All of the above with the addition of the removal and recycling/disposal of the old equipment, whether and ice cream cabinet or any other old equipment that needs to be disposed.