Service and Parts Overview

For 24 hour service call KONOP Refrigeration Company 800-333-2752 or 920-338-1100

For C.Nelson service call:
Ali Eskandari
Office: 419-898-3152 x 203
Cell: 419-270-4741

For parts call:
Carla Printy
Office: 419-898-3152 x212

Nelson takes pride in the quality of it’s ice cream freezer cabinets, carts and other equipment. Our motto is “We build only good products, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but only good products.” In a rare case where there is a valid problem, Nelson will make it good by repairing or replacing the product.

Any service call will require that you provide a credit card for payment of the service call, parts and/or repairs until an authorized Nelson representative can authorize the call as for valid warranty coverage.

Parts must be supplied by CNMC for warranty coverage. Replaced parts supplied by others will be credited to the service agency at the price Nelson pays for the parts, no more.

Overtime labor must be approved by CNMC before service call is performed.


Online Instructional Videos:

Caster set installation instructions

Setting the temperature: Carel Electronic Temp Control , Ranco ETC, Manual Thermostat

Lid Lock systems

Can Racking Assembly


Some easy tips to try if you are experiencing a problem:

If your cabinet has a digital thermostat with an error message, try re-programming the settings. If the error is still there, you need to replace the thermostat. Save yourself a service call by ordering the part and calling the agent after receipt of the replacement part. Thermostats are NOT covered under the compressor parts warranty.

Lids and gaskets are not warrant coverage items. When you lids don’t sit flat or your gaskets are broken, replace them. This will reduce ice build up.

When you smell smoke, unplug the unit and check your electric supply and the cord for any damage. Replace the cord if needed.

Replacement of a compressor or start components is sometimes necessary when the unit doesn’t kick on or off, or doesn’t get cold enough. A compressor can grow weak over time. Compressor start components may be damaged when a power surge is experienced. The repair is relatively inexpensive. OEM parts can be purchased from us. Warranty parts will be shipped ground delivery, only. Any expedited freight cost will be paid by the purchaser.

Compressors require air flow and proper ventilation for efficient operation. Allow 3-6” behind the unit for the air exit and keep the air intake free and clear. In a vending truck or cold plate operation, you are required to vent the area while the unit is plugged in and charging. In a truck, open a door or window and DO NOT charge in temperatures below 40 degrees.

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find pressures, refrigerant amounts, etc
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Basic Care and Maintenance
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CAREL temperature control adjustment directions
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Manual Temperature Control Adjustment
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Label info
Includes refrigerant type and amounts for most Nelson freezer models, alng with electrical specs and other dataplate information.
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Limited Warranty
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Troubleshooting Guide - DIPHV
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