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Well... we've been going strong for about 2 weeks now, and we absolutely LOVE our Nelson Cold Plate Freezer.

Every good thing we heard about these machines is 100 percent true.

They are the best thing... no wait, the ONLY thing to use in a commercial Ice Cream novelties vending truck.

The guys running home freezers on power inverters, and the guys running dry-ice are totally wasting their time and money. Running a home freezer in a commercial truck is like trying to remove a Phillips screw with a pocketknife. Nelson Cold Plate Freezers are without question, the RIGHT tool for the job.

When we expand in a year or two, we plan on getting a Cold Plate Cart, and you know where we will be buying it from!

Thank you very much for your part in making our new business venture a screaming, ice-creaming success.New Biz

Peace, happiness, and Ice Cream...

Bart & Andy Jones

"&E's Ice Cream"

Bladen, Nebraska

p.s. We finally got our membership in the IAICDV, and all is happy.


"I love the cart. It is a nice piece of equipment and even though it is the 'economy' version it is still first class." Laurie Morgan, Fun Time Foods, 11/20/09


meadowbrook logoCompany Profile

Company: Meadowbrook Ice Cream Co, Inc.
Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA
Established: 1978
Website: www.MeadowbrookIceCream.com

We operate a fleet of over 100 ice cream carts used for special event rentals and street vending purposes. We havebeen working with ice cream carts for over 30 years and have owned nearly every major brand of ice cream cart.

Why we use C. Nelson brand ice cream carts

We use ice cream carts from C. Nelson Mfg. because of their durability, reliability, and excellent design characteristics.

Their carts are practical, easy to use, and provide us with years of trouble-free service. Even some of our oldest carts from C. Nelson still look new after 10+ seasons. Because they offer ice cream carts in a variety of sizes for different applications we have the flexibility to serve virtually any customer and any situation presented to us.

We like working with C. Nelson because they listen to their customers. When we see potential for design improvements out in the field, they consider our feedback when creating the next generation of carts. C. Nelson’s already excellent ice cream carts are continuously being improved upon and that helps us stay competitive in the long run.

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