Truck Freezers


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ice cream truckIf you're using dry ice, your profits are melting. Nelson cold plate freezers are a chip above the rest. Guaranteed to give you a minimum of a 12 hour day in 90 degree tempereratures, Nelson cabinets are convenient, economical, dependable and can be built for ice cream, sodas, italian ices, slush or combinations such as ice cream and soda. Let your sales rise with the heat, because nothing should be melting, especially your product.

Our ice cream freezers with cold plates are built for the serious ice cream street vendor.  These ice cream truck freezers are built with extra insulation (3+"), cold plates, and oversized compressors to quickly pull down the freezer overnight so you can be out selling ice cream all day, even in the hottest weather, and not have to rely on using a generator or dry ice.

Cold plates are standard on these models. Plug the freezer into a standard electrical outlet overnight and the next day you are ready for a full selling day of ice cream and other frozen desserts without the need for electricity or dry ice.

Our vending freezers come with kits to bolt the freezer into you ice cream truck, large capacity power cords, and we provide various compressor locations and cutouts to fit your particular ice cream truck.