What makes Nelson's carts better than other carts?

  1. Nelson is the only ice cream freezer manufacturer that constructs carts from the cabinets we produce. This advantage insures the freezer box is built to withstand the bumps in the road that come with transporting your carts and can handle the heat and conditions of off-premise vending.
  2. A cart approved by ETL and NSF for outdoor use means that not just the components are worthy, but the assembled, finish unit qualifies for the stamp. This is important to your local Health Department.
  3. Nelson carts  meet energy star ratings, in fact, they far exceed the standards.
  4. Read more about energy efficient Nelson carts

How does a cold plate work and what is it?

  1. Cold plates are eutectic components [generally] made of zinc exteriors, filled with a saline solution that is chemically mixed to freeze at a certain temperature. The plates are usually a thickness of 1.5" and the length and width varies depending on the cabinet it is used for. The solution that fills the plate cannot be adjusted to hold another temperature once it's made. The cold plates cannot be exchanged after the cart is built, and they cannot be removed  from the freezer. Some cold plates are built between the walls of a freezer, foamed in place  with the one side as the interior cabinet wall. This produces a flat interior. Other cabinets are built with a galvanized interior wall in which the plate is riveted to after construction and insulation of the freezer is completed. The number and size of cold plate depends on the customers'  desired holding temperature, the use and the freezer size. Our engineering staff does the math.
  2. The operation is quite simple. Just plug the unit into a regular 115 volt outlet and let the unit run overnight. Simply unplug the freezer and go make money. You can expect 10-12 hours of holding power  in 90 degrees before you'll need to plug it in to be recharged.
  3. Cold plate cabinets are manufactured with condensing units and evaporator coils. When the compressor is plugged in, it sends refrigerant through the walls by way of the copper evaporator coils and the walls freeze. The cold plates that were installed between the walls have the refrigerant lines running through them, consequently freezing them. The cold plates attached to the walls freeze by contact with the help of a mastic glue type material that promotes the cold.
  4. Another type of cold plate Nelson offers is a re-useable cold pack. These plates are contructed with plastic exteriors and sold at different holding temperatures. The cold plate must be flat when placed in a freezer to freeze. To entirely freeze the plate, 24 hours is required at -20 degrees.Cart size  will determine how many plates are needed, but two sets are suggested due to the length of time required for optimum use. http://www.en.coolsarl.com/ices-packs/eutectic-plates/

How is your cart affordable?

Nelson is 112 years old. The way of equipment sales has been through Dealer and equipment distributors for all of those years. The Dealer plays an important role in the industry. And the pricing structure was implemented to cover their costs for warehousing, processing orders, implementation, training, delivery and making a profit. The internet is changing the way the world does business and consequently our pricing structures. Working with an equipment dealer can be an advantage . The offer move-in & out, uncrating, concierge service, installation and other equipment you might need. You will find Nelson equipment competitively priced and superior in production. How can you NOT afford to buy the best.

Why should I buy your cart?

You have a lot to worry about when you own a company. With Nelson carts or cabinets, your equipment won't be one of them.

What will we need for the Health Department permit?

Every Health Department, in every county in the US has different regulations for vending and store operations. You should prepare to answer these questions when inquiring about mobile food vending permits;

  1. What product will you be vending? Products containing dairy or non-dairy?  Pre-packaged or dipping?
  2. Are you selling or sampling?
  3. Where will you be located? Mobile or a fixed location?
  4. When?

-While Nelson produces carts for all venues and products and health codes, do your homework.

-Most regs require hand washing for scooping and insist that the hand wash sink be integral to your cart.

-Some agencies require utensil washing sinks,  but try suggesting separate scoops for each tub with a backup supply.

-If your proposed venue has a common commissary, let them know. It may suffice and save you money.

-We can lead you to drawings and specs on this site that are easily downloaded to be submitted when you visit your local permitting party. This will speed up the process.

What happens if I need service?

If you should need service, our cart and cabinet condensing units are a simple system built on a slide out base and easily serviced by any local HVAC technician. If the cart or cabinet is under warranty protection, one call to our factory customer service department with the details of the problem, model & serial number for verification will dispatch our nationwide service agency.  Some problems can be diagnosed  and resolved over the telephone with our technical service employees. We make good products, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but only GOOD products.

Can I change the temperature of my cart?

While our mobile carts contain digital thermostats, they can be adjusted to any desired temperature when plugged into an electrical source. However, the set point of the cold plate cannot be altered. It can only be bypassed by using the digital thermostat when plugged in.

Do you sell directly?

Yes, if you have found us on the internet, we will sell a cart or cold plate cabinet to you directly. However, it may benefit you to work with a local equipment dealer, in many ways. Even if you purchase directly from us, we may transact the sale and ship from a dealer warehouse when and where it's appropriate.