What customers say about our ice cream carts, dipping cabinets, and other equipment

When you sell the industry’s best ice cream carts, cold plate freezers, and dipping cabinets, it’s hard not to get great testimonials. Our loyal customers are always raving about the value that our equipment delivers. As the only manufacturer that constructs carts from cabinets that we produce, we’re able to ensure that our equipment stands up to rigorous conditions and extreme environments. Because of this, is it any surprise that we’re the preferred source for commercial refrigeration products? If you’d like to learn more about what our customers are saying, we encourage you to take a closer look at the testimonials on this page!

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Wow what a great case! Thank you for making a superior product and shipping ASAP for me! I will call you Monday to order another one for the store even though that one still works….I will use it as back up storage (yours look so much better)! Also, tell somebody that they have made all of my kids work a lot easier for lots of reasons. And the shorter kids love you guys!

Scoops of Covington - Lexington, KY

I love the cart. It is a nice piece of equipment and even though it is the ‘economy’ version it is still first class.

Laurie Morgan
Fun Time Foods

We purchased a dipping cabinet from you in January of 2020. We just passed our one year anniversary! We couldn’t be more pleased with this piece of equipment which is in use whenever we are open. It is so much easier than the other cabinet we used to have and the price was great! I have been told by other buyers of your equipment that your service is timely and thorough. I would not know as we have never had an issue. Thanks.

Chip Gordon
Whit's Frozen Custard of Gahanna

I have nothing but awesome things to say about C. Nelson. Top notch indeed!

Max Hoover
Cockeye Creamery - Warren, OH

I have to put out a big plug for C. Nelson. Sure, their cabinets are great. But I had a minor issue with my dipping cabinet, so I contacted George Dunlap. He immediately got in touch with an engineer at C. Nelson who quickly got back to me and solved the issue. From start to finish, a model of customer service. Have a great product and great customer service and the rest should take care of itself! That’s the way to run a business.

Michael Weissman
Mikey Dubb's Frozen Custard - New Rochelle, NY

Every time I call you guys, you are so helpful and explain things to me. It is just refreshing to deal with people that care, so thank you very much again I appreciate it.

Joel Norris
Kapaws Iskreme

Well… we’ve been going strong for about 2 weeks now, and we absolutely LOVE our Nelson cold plate freezer. Every good thing we heard about these machines is 100 percent true. They are the best thing… no wait, the ONLY thing to use in a commercial ice cream novelties vending truck.

The guys running home freezers on power inverters, and the guys running dry-ice are totally wasting their time and money. Running a home freezer in a commercial truck is like trying to remove a Phillips screw with a pocketknife. Nelson cold plate freezers are without question, the RIGHT tool for the job.

When we expand in a year or two, we plan on getting a cold plate cart, and you know where we will be buying it from! Thank you very much for your part in making our new business venture a screaming, ice-creaming success.

Peace, happiness, and ice cream…

Bart & Andy Jones
&E's Ice Cream

Nelson is the go to place for your ice cream equipment needs period!

David Von Flagge