Non-refrigerated mobile carts

Non-refrigerated mobile carts from C. Nelson are well-insulated cart bodies on the absolute best casters that money can buy. Built to last and made in the United States, these carts can be used with dry ice, wet ice, or our re-freezable cold packs. An ideal solution for quick, on-the-go operations that may need to hit the road at a moment’s notice, these mobile carts are a great way to get your products out of your physical location, into the streets, and – most importantly – into the hands of potential customers.

For over 100 years, C. Nelson has worked to manufacture top-of-the-line mobile carts, ice cream carts, and dipping cabinets. Taking pride in our work, we use only the highest quality materials and source our parts from reputable, proven vendors. If you’re in the market for a cart that will stay with you for years, one that will grow with your business and evolve with your needs, we can assure you that you’re in the right place!

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Non-Refrigerated Carts
ENAMEL: $5,023
ENAMEL: $5,429
STAINLESS: $ 6,109