Need replacement parts for your ice cream cart or other equipment?

C. Nelson stocks a comprehensive line of general replacement parts and components. On this page, you’ll find documents that detail the items that we carry. With a list this extensive, it is challenging to catalog everything, so we encourage you to reach out to us via our contact page if you’re unable to find the part that you need. Our team is extensively trained in the operation of our ice cream carts, dipping cabinets, and other equipment, so you can be confident that we’ll find the part that you need. We also have non-standard replacement parts available, including fabricated metal parts for carts that are operational but damaged.

For questions, please call..

Carla Printy
Phone: 419-898-3152 x 212

Parts and Installation Instructions

File Size
Camp Clamp Parts and Installation Guide
180.5 KB
191.5 KB
Troubleshooting Guide - DIPHV
36.3 KB
Manual Temperature Control
1.5 MB
Limited Warranty
22.7 KB
Carel Control Instruction
57.7 KB
Carel Temperature Control
65.8 KB
Basic Care & Maintenance
66.0 KB
Parts List (4-14 & BS)
58.4 KB
Parts List (8-16 DIPS)
70.7 KB
Replacement Parts
455.2 KB

Operation Manuals

File Size
Operation Manual for CEs
1.9 MB