Visual dipping cabinets from C. Nelson

C. Nelson’s visual dipping cabinets allow you to offer your customers their flavor of choice by sight. With clear viewing windows, LED lights, stainless steel interiors, and digital controls, the choice is obvious. Our visual dipping cabinets are 100% made in the United States with a white enamel or stainless steel finish. Renowned for their quality, dependability, and aesthetics, our cabinets are the finest on the market, ensuring that you – and your customers – are treated to the finest dessert experience available.

With a range of options available, you can fully customize your dipping cart to meet your needs, including our raised bottom design in place of the standard two-tub, stacked-cabinet model. Other options available on all models include racking kits for ROPAK tubs, standard three-gallon ice cream tubs, four- or five-liter gelato pan racking kits, or a custom-made system.

Straight Glass

With clean lines and the ability to display additional add-ons, straight glass dipping cabinets from C. Nelson are a beautiful, effective way to showcase your products.

Visual Dipping Cabinet Straight Glass

Curved Glass

Also called high-visibility cabinets, curved glass dipping cabinets offer a clear view and a distinctly European look that makes them great for gelato, Italian ice, and more.

Visual Dipping Cabinet Curved Glass