Chest freezers from C. Nelson

Perfect for the preservation of your products’ quality and flavor, chest freezers from C. Nelson offer continuous, failure-free operation that drastically reduces maintenance and operating costs. Our conventional reach-in, chest-type ice cream cabinets come fitted with self-contained motors and stainless steel flip lids. We manufacture the largest line of cabinets in the industry and can modify cabinets to suit your needs.

With the ability to customize every cabinet, you can choose a bright, shiny white enamel finish or a more subdued, traditional stainless steel. We also offer the standard option of a deep bottom cabinet, as well as several raised bottom options. All freezers can be made as both drop-in or built-in models, allowing us to deliver the exact freezer that you need for your products, your operation, and your needs.

Single Row

A more compact option, single row chest freezers are ideal with custard machines and offer a high level of customization, just in a smaller, narrower footprint.

Chest Freezer - Single Row

Double Row

Allowing for extra storage, C. Nelson’s double row chest freezers are the largest on the market and can be customized to fit your needs, with single lids, false bottoms, and more.

Chest Freezer - Double Row