Mobile ice cream carts and more from C. Nelson

The mobile ice cream carts, dipping carts, and other carts from C. Nelson are made to travel outside of your brick and mortar store to increase sales. They can be used at catering events, festivals, stadiums, and other outdoor venues. When considering a cart, you’ll first want to check with your local Health Department about the requirements for serving food, this will determine what kind of mobile cart you’ll need.

C. Nelson’s carts all include a finish of white Lexan, but custom graphics can be added for an additional charged. Your cart can be built with or without a sink system, with the addition of a sink system narrowing your options slightly. Our team will always be happy to work with you to determine the best cart for your operation and – more importantly – the options that you need to keep your products safe, cool, and delicious.

Cold Plate

Able to maintain their temperatures for hours, C. Nelson’s cold plate mobile carts allow you to sell your products anywhere, from outdoor venues to stadium events.

Cold Plate Mobile Carts


Fully configurable and massively customizable, C. Nelson’s refrigerated mobile carts let you to adjust their temperatures, allowing you to sell a range of products.

Refrigerated Mobile Carts


Designed to be used with dry ice, wet ice, or re-freezable cold packs, our non-refrigerated carts ensure that you can be ready to sell your products at a moment’s notice.

Non-Refrigerated Mobile Carts

Carts with Sink Systems

Crafted using the finest materials, C. Nelson offers a selection of on-the-go carts with sink systems built in. Whether you’re selling indoors or outdoors, we can help!

Carts with Sink Systems