C. Nelson Releases High ‘r’ Carts

The newest edition to our family is the HiR carts. The high “r” value cart is the most energy efficient ice cream cart produced on the planet earth. Additionally, most of the materials selected to build the cart are very recyclable.

The insulation used in this cart model is a proprietary blend of poured urethane and a special vacuum panel insulation developed for outer space applications ans scientific freezers. This Nelson cart is the first piece of refrigeration equipment built for the food service industry with double the insulation values of standard urethane foam. The result is a cart that’s lighter and far more efficient than anything previously produced. The extra insulation value requires less metals and weight for the same storage capacity as a normal cart.

Nelson has also selected material to maximize the recycling content of the cart when it’s useful life ends. Primary materials used are stainless steel, aluminum, copper and carbon steel, all very recyclable. The value of the metals content will help insure that this cart will not be tossed away in a roadside ditch,  instead will be properly recycled. Also, by building the cart with premium materials, such as a stainless steel interior, we expect a long and useful life for the equipment beyond normal expectations.