The Delusion of Coolness

The Urban Dictionary defines coolness as, well look it up. It also defines coolnessness. The delusion of either is what we normally experience, i.e. someone or something supposedly cool, but not. Nelson is truly cool, but are the others?

Recently we submitted our most popular BDC8 cold plate pushcart to rigorous coolness testing parameters and holding capacity. There was two main reason why we did this. Albeit a somewhat competitive industry and this test proves our coolness factor (literally), the reasons were different. In an effort to expand our green-ness as a company and our future as a whole. We are doing our part with energy conservation when and where we’re able. We did it for you and for the earth. We also did it for the Californian and Canadian efforts and our customers in those regions requiring the rating.

Kelley Smith, owner of C. Nelson , has always been an earth and energy conscious type. It was prior to my employment more than 15 years ago that he and a friend from Ben & Jerry’s, developed a solar powered ice cream cart. We have photos with his hair a shade darker, a few inches longer and his smiling face a fews year younger. He was ahead of the times, a pioneer. The solar panel was unable to gather enough energy from the sun to hold ice cream. The Cornell graduate of electrical engineering sees ways and understands the issue of conservation. I riled him up one day when I asked about a company’s carbon footprint with a liquid nitrogen system. He explained to me the cost of producing the liquid nitrogen they use is 4 times what electricity costs to produce. So while their store has a low carbon footprint, the environment suffers from the production of it . Their -100 degree plus liquid nitrogen has the delusion of coolness.

The same delusion of coolness carries though with freezer manufacturers. We were thrilled to discover the testing results of our pushcart rated 1.915 at -5 degrees Fahrenheit, just blowing away the energy star standards of 4.38. We even more than qualify for the beefed up standards of 2012 of 4.20. Now that is coolnessness.